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Service Request

May contain: animal, invertebrate, and spider

You can be of great assistance in furthering the District’s mission by communicating problems as soon as they occur.  By reporting biting mosquitoes, green pools, or standing water, you’re helping the District identify problems before they get out of hand. Even if the problem is located on your own property feel free to request service- it’s free.

Report a Green Pool 

Green swimming pools, or neglected pools, are prolific mosquito producers and one of the primary sources of mosquitoes in urban areas.  Please report green pools by filling out the form below.  A member of our staff will inspect the pool as soon as possible and will take the appropriate actions needed to prevent adult mosquito mosquitoes from emerging from the site.

Report a Mosquito Problem 

Mosquito problems often go unreported.  Do not hesitate to contact the District if you believe you are being bitten by mosquitoes- the sooner we know about a problem the faster we can implement the necessary control measures.  Call (559) 584-3326 to report a problem, or fill out the below form.  The more information you provide the faster we will be able to fix the problem.

Request Mosquito Fish 

Mosquito fish, Gambusia affinis, feed on mosquito larva and provide a pesticide free  control measure.  Please fill out the below form and one of our field staff will deliver mosquito fish to your location.  Please describe the location you would like the mosquito fish planted in the “Additional Information” section of the from.

Report a Dead Bird 

Reporting dead birds is an important component of the California Department of Public Health’s West Nile Virus surveillance progam.  To report a dead bird, you may call 1-877-968-2437.  If you would like to submit an online report, please click on the below link.

If you experience difficulty with the online form, or toll free number, you may  contact the District directly by calling (559) 584-3326.  You may also email us at


Service Request Form

The District is experiencing an exceptionally high volume of service requests due to the record level snowmelt- response times may very depening one request volume.

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